Sunday, April 27, 2008

I called in sick yesterday at the office. Honestly I wasnt really feeling alright and I just had to take the day off to rest. Stress? I dont know ... probably. I just feel tired about the whole thing lately and its not doing me any good. I end up really tired after a day's work and its not giving me any positive energies lately. It's draining me a lot. Today, I just took the day off to get the rest I need and just to get away from the office at least for a day ... I dont know if i did get enough energy to get back to work tomorrow but we'll just have to see about it. Tonight I drove my cousin to the pier because he will be starting a new life in gainesville. I feel it would be better off that way, at least he can get to reunite with his family, i mean he's brothers, sisters and mom is in gainesville anyway. To him i bid farewell and good luck.